Welcome to the fourth edition of our monthly blog series highlighting Ternary’s latest FinOps enhancements. In March, we introduced new partner capabilities, along with updates to dashboards and anomaly detection. Today, we’re excited to share the FinOps roundup for April, which highlights new report subscriptions and an update to Ramp Plans. 

Purpose-built for FinOps, Ternary empowers organizations to establish cloud cost transparency, improve cost and usage efficiency, and foster communication between teams. Today, Ternary manages more than $7B in multi-cloud spend across leading enterprises and managed service providers. Read on to discover how our new enhancements help partners and customers progress on their FinOps journey.

New report subscriptions

Each team within your organization has a unique view of your cloud finances. Using language they understand, Ternary provides this information to each of your stakeholders, through our reporting engine. As part of our ongoing effort to foster communication between technical and business teams, we’re excited to announce that users of Ternary can now create email subscriptions for any report within their tenant. 

In our experience, those in business-oriented roles (e.g., finance, procurement, executive leadership, etc.) do not commonly log into a FinOps platform regularly or at all. The best way to provide information to those personas is by sending them reports directly, via a subscription. 
Reports can be filtered by custom labels and then sent to any subscribed email address. This means that both platform users and those without platform access can benefit from the insights that Ternary provides. Users can select the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and a specified time when the email will be sent to subscribers. Multiple subscriptions can be tied to the same report within a customer tenant.

FinOps roundup April 2024 enhancements include report subscriptions.

Update to Ramp Plans: percent growth

Ternary Ramp Plans allow you to visualize the financial commitments you’ve contracted to make to a cloud service provider, compare them against what you actually spend over a given period of time, and plan accordingly. 

This month, we introduced a new mechanism for projecting future spend: Percent Growth, which users can define as a breakpoint. Breakpoints allow users to divide the time period within a Ramp Plan for easier forecasting and benchmarking. Previously, users could only input specific dollar amounts within breakpoints. Now, users can input a percentage (%) for period-over-period growth values. Whether your organization is accustomed to using percent growth values or does not yet have projected spend targets, this Ramp Plans enhancement provides the flexibility to help you get started with scenario planning.

FinOps roundup April 2024 enhancements include an update to Ramp Plans: percent growth

The Ternary team is dedicated to helping our customers and partners throughout their FinOps journey. Stay tuned for next month’s product enhancements. In the meantime, you can learn more about Ternary or request a demo.