Improve cost and usage efficiency

Information at your fingertips

Easily analyze cloud consumption

Make cost-effective decisions faster

Integrate with your existing toolset

Ternary does the heavy lifting for engineers

A common language

Support for Kubernetes

Familiar alerting

Idle detection

Flexible API

Issue tracking integrations

Rackspace partners with Ternary to deliver value to Google Cloud customers

“Ternary is a very well-thought-out cost management platform for GCP—one of the best, from what I’ve seen in the market, and from a feature set standpoint. Ternary is also a very good relation to have overall, if you’re in the GCP business.”

Decisions uses Ternary for a single source of truth across AWS, GCP, and Azure

“Before using Ternary, it would take me hours to analyze our cloud costs. Now, I have a single source of truth for all my cloud spending across Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. With Alert Tracking, I can instantly identify and investigate cost changes, saving me valuable time and ensuring we meet our growth and margin objectives.”

BetterCloud drives gross-margin reduction with Ternary

“Our cloud infrastructure costs were 17% of non-GAAP revenue. We reduced that down to 8% of non-GAAP revenue with Ternary.”

Enterprise-ready API integrations

Ternary blog

Tame your multi-cloud spend

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