Cloud budgets are hard. Ternary makes them simple.

Ternary is the world’s first native FinOps cloud cost optimization tool. Built for Google Cloud on Google Cloud.

Make better decisions. Spend wisely and build a culture of accountability, collaboration and trust between Finance and Engineering teams.

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Ternary is a certified Google partner, and a certified FinOps platform.
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Ternary feature overview

Built on FinOps Principles

FinOps is the operating model for managing the variable spend of cloud: a combination of systems, best practices and culture that ensures companies get the most value out of every cloud dollar spent. Ternary can help you at any stage of your FinOps journey.

Ternary is creating tools at the intersection of Finance and Engineering with features based on FinOps principles. Ternary provides the missing bridge between Finance and Engineering that allows for visibility and context across teams.

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Maximize your committed use

Ternary has developed a powerful and intuitive Committed Use Discount Optimizer feature that allows you to maximize your 1 and 3 year commitments across eligible Google services.

Sustained Use Discounts and existing commitments are also modeled to provide you with a full picture of your commitment portfolio.

committed use

Workflows to manage all aspects of cost savings

Ternary has workflows that provide visibility, encourage collaboration and accountability in order to help you easily monitor, prioritize and track cost optimizations to completion across an organization.

Workflows allow for assignment, tracking and reporting on optimizations and anomalies.

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Cost Management for native Google Services

Ternary is built for Google Cloud customers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and offers visibility and cost optimization recommendations for GCP services including Compute, Storage, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Dataflow and Dataproc.

Born from pain and built for scale

Ternary is the tool we wish we had when operating in GCP at scale. We’ve built Ternary with that experience in mind. Customers large and small will benefit from years of operationalized cost management experience built on top of Google’s most advanced services.

About Ternary

Find out what Ternary can do for your GCP spend

Ternary helps create a culture of accountability, collaboration and trust between finance and engineering so your company can focus on growth and innovation. Let’s talk about how we can put Ternary to work for you.

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