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How Does it Work?

An Agile Approach to Cost Management

Ternary does the heavy lifting to reduce the complexity of your cloud bill by putting it into simple terms and actionable recommendations. Our intuitive design allows you to focus on taking action on those recommendations, assign them to teammates and track them centrally for transparency and accountability.

Ternary's founders have worked at the heart of the DevOps movement in Silicon Valley for the last decade. At the very core of our approach are the principles and culture of transparency, communication, automation and shared responsibility.

The Power of Collaboration

Ternary eliminates silos in Engineering, Product, Procurement and Finance. We give your teams a platform that encourages cross-functional conversations, develop a shared understanding between functions of what makes up your cloud bill, where you have opportunities to save, and helps them make intelligent and informed decisions in context -- together.

The consumption-based cloud model has resulted in shifting roles, pushing accountability to the edge. Engineering teams are empowered to create resources on the fly to go to market faster, but they are disconnected from Finance and Procurement teams who traditionally provided a check on spending decisions. Our approach designs for the simple truth that everyone has a key part to play in spend management.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Ternary is designed to naturally encourage the right behaviors by simplifying complex costs and giving cloud consumers insights and awareness of the opportunity to save. Our system creates a call to action by synthesizing thousands of statistics and presenting insights. We give your teams agency to assign, act on and centrally track all recommendations. Teams are provided with the tools they need to benchmark themselves against the best in class in your organization and make meaningful changes to your bottom line.

Our Process

Make Costs Visible

Democratize your cloud cost data by putting it into the hands of those who create the spend. Reduce the complexity of even the largest bills and make them understandable and actionable. Use knowledge gleaned from our expertise operating Google Cloud at scale to see how much you spend and what you spend it on.

Use Data to Optimize

Cut the legwork out of searching for optimizations and work quickly to assign recommendations from the Ternary platform. You can use Ternary as the source of truth for tracking progress to optimize and reduce your cloud bill.

Get New Data to Analyze and Improve Upon

See the result of your optimizations to know if you have made an impact on your bill using our real-time system. The platform is constantly refreshing itself with thousands of signals directly from your environment to continue to help you maximize every dollar you spend in Google Cloud.

Why Choose Ternary?

The Ternary team is a group of Agile advocates and DevOps experts with combined decades of experience operating cloud environments and building products for the largest consumer and enterprise companies in the world.

We have operated some of the biggest Hadoop clusters on record and have seen the pain of overshooting budgets. Our software is built on the insights derived from our experience managing and solving the challenge of operating in the cloud at scale. Our passion is building intuitive software that naturally encourages the right behaviors through the shared understanding and democratization of data.

In the cloud, time is money. Literally. So what are you waiting for?

Ternary is ready to begin working with your company to understand your needs and help your teams make sure they are spending and saving wisely on their cloud bill. To get started, send us an email.

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