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Ternary helps you shine a light on spend across your multi-cloud environment so you can visualize, attribute, share, understand, and optimize it—all while accelerating innovation.

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Changing your FinOps platform? Cut through the noise, with Ternary.

The way FinOps should be.

Understanding cloud costs is complex. Taking action to visualize, optimize, and institutionalize that understanding is even more complex. Ternary simplifies it all for you. With our straightforward, enterprise-grade, industry-leading features, you can:

Supercharge collaboration between Finance, Engineering, and FinOps

Know who spent what, when, and where, with cost allocation

Optimize your rates and rightsize your resources

Help your teams take action with your data

Harness enterprise-grade tools for infinite scale 

Forecast better and spend to plan 

Visualize your unit costs and maximize your profits

Leverage AI-powered, human-tunable insights across your spend

You know your cloud spend is justified. Can you prove it?

Each team within your organization has a unique view of your cloud finances. Using language they understand, Ternary provides this information to each of your stakeholders, including: 


Ternary does the heavy lifting to identify issues and opportunities for cost optimizations using AI-powered, human-tunable recommendations so you can focus on building.


FinOps teams now have a blueprint to build cost transparency across their organization: a Rosetta stone to present to any team, in a language they understand.

Illustrations of Ternary's multi-cloud FinOps platform


Ternary provides a consolidated multi-cloud spend ledger that is constantly up to date for better financial planning and analysis, accounting, and spend management.


Ternary helps partners build and enhance their FinOps practice and add new tools to their technology stack. Help your customers achieve efficiency in their cloud spend so they have confidence to scale.

What our customers say

Decisions uses Ternary for a single source of truth across AWS, GCP, and Azure

Before using Ternary, it would take me hours to analyze our cloud costs. Now, I have a single source of truth for all my cloud spending across Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. With Alert Tracking, I can instantly identify and investigate cost changes, saving me valuable time and ensuring we meet our growth and margin objectives.

BetterCloud drives gross-margin reduction with Ternary

Our cloud infrastructure costs were 17% of non-GAAP revenue. We reduced that down to 8% of non-GAAP revenue with Ternary.

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Unlock an ecosystem of opportunities with our integrations

Ternary is a team of FinOps leaders and early adopters

Ternary’s multi-cloud FinOps platform is built by a team of FinOps thought leaders. Members of our team were in the room when FinOps was born; our founders were among the first 15 practitioners to be certified by the FinOps Foundation, and they presented on cloud best practices when the FinOps Foundation had fewer than 150 members. 


FinOps Certified Practitioners


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Choose the best solution for your engineering, finance, and FinOps teams so your company can focus on growth and innovation.