Ternary provides an enterprise-grade FinOps platform that enables companies to map their cloud investments to key business objectives. Available as a SaaS platform and a self-hosted solution, Ternary manages more than $7B in multi-cloud spend across leading enterprises and managed service providers.

In 2023, we introduced 55 new FinOps features based on customer demand. Now, we are kicking off 2024 with a monthly FinOps roundup of exciting new features and enhancements to the Ternary platform.

Prescriptive threshold alerting

Ternary prides itself on providing human-tunable anomaly detection to empower FinOps teams with real-time decision-making capabilities. Our existing anomaly detection functionality leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify unexpected changes or irregularities in cloud spend. In response to customer requests, we have introduced functionality allowing users to configure threshold alerting rules that bypass the AI/ML algorithms. FinOps teams can now take advantage of this extra measure of control in how they manage anomalies. They can also partner with Finance to align on thresholds that warrant a financial review of budget vs. actual spend. 

Here’s a snapshot of how this works within the platform:

Dashboard layout customization

Ternary has a powerful reporting engine with dashboard capabilities that provide organizations with unparalleled visibility into costs. Dashboards can be customized by cost labels for detailed analysis, scoped views for enhanced stakeholder-specific context, and a variety of data visualizations (pie chart, line chart, stacked bar chart, etc.), among other configurations, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Our most recent enhancement takes dashboard customization a step further. Specifically, we’ve introduced the ability to edit the layout and adjust the size and location of the widgets. Whether you are in Finance or Engineering, or a member of the FinOps team, you can create meaningful dashboards to suit your data visualization needs.

This screenshot of Ternary's platform illustrates new a feature covered in our January 2024 FinOps roundup: customizable daqshboards.

Stay tuned for our next FinOps roundup, with updates on new features and enhancements. In the meantime, learn more about Ternary.