Born from necessity and built for scale

Ternary Head of Product James Jackson leads teammates in a demonstration of our multi-cloud FinOps platform features.
Ternary Head of Product, James Jackson, leads a demo for teammates.
Ternary co-founders: CPO Patrick Raymond, CEO Sasha Kipervarg, and CTO Joshua Kwan.
Ternary’s co-founders (left to right): Chief Product Officer, Patrick Raymond, Chief Executive Officer, Sasha Kipervarg, and Chief Technology Officer, Joshua Kwan.

Our story

Our journey

May 2020

Ternary was founded to transform the cloud cost management space. We adopted FinOps from the very start.

December 2020

Ternary closed pre-seed funding and began building the first FinOps platform built on GCP, for GCP.

February 2021

Ternary launched in February 2021, focused on GCP cost management and optimization.

December 2021

Ternary closed seed funding.


Ternary expanded support to leading cloud providers and other SaaS products.

October 2023

Ternary landed Series A funding.

Our mission

How we work

Focus on customers

Build for speed

Take thoughtful risks

Communicate candidly

The Ternary team at a conference to help FinOps professionals learn more about us and our cloud cost management platform.
Ternary teammates at the FinOps X conference.

Become part of our journey, and change FinOps forever

Leadership team behind our success

Sasha Kipervarg Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Kwan Chief Technology Officer
Patrick Raymond Chief Product Officer
Carl Landers
Carl Landers Vice President of Marketing
Roman Orosco Vice President of Sales
Ternary VP of Product and Engineering Yalei Wang
Yalei Wang Vice President of Product Delivery
James Jackson Head of Product
Marie Burke
Marie Burke Head of Product Marketing
Bob Kilbride
Bob Kilbride Head of Channel and Alliances
David Shurtliff
David Shurtliff Head of Customer and Partner Success
Danny Kornreich Head of People and Talent

Our investors

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