A platform
built for you

Get the most from your cloud spend

Custom labels, product-wide filters, and scoped views

Budget, forecast, and chargeback cloud spend

Ramp plans that track and forecast variance in cumulative spend to plan

Commitment-based discount recommendations

Unit cost and unit economics

AI-powered recommendations, anomaly detection, and alerts

Infinite scale

Multi-cloud, multi-vendor cost comparison

Get even more from your cloud spend

Support for all major cloud providers

Self-hosted deployment option

SSO integration and role provisioning

Custom labeling for detailed cost analysis and reporting

Agentless Kubernetes monitoring

Near-real-time normalization of multi-cloud billing data 

Multi-cloud cost allocation

Powerful reporting engine for unparalleled visibility into costs 

Enterprise-ready API

Collaborative workflows for informed decision-making

Sustainability/carbon-footprint management

Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and scalability

What our customers say

Decisions uses Ternary for a single source of truth across AWS, GCP, and Azure

Before using Ternary, it would take me hours to analyze our cloud costs. Now, I have a single source of truth for all my cloud spending across Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. With Alert Tracking, I can instantly identify and investigate cost changes, saving me valuable time and ensuring we meet our growth and margin objectives.

BetterCloud drives gross-margin reduction with Ternary

Our cloud infrastructure costs were 17% of non-GAAP revenue. We reduced that down to 8% of non-GAAP revenue with Ternary.

Unlock an ecosystem of opportunities

Connect and integrate all the tools you need to understand and optimize your cloud spend.

Ternary features are designed for your needs

Ternary ensures engineers have near-real-time visibility into their cloud spend by team, environment, application, or workload, providing opportunities to reduce costs through optimization recommendations.

Ternary provides near-real-time insights into your organization’s cloud costs, ensuring that finance teams can accurately allocate, track, forecast, and budget their cloud spend. 

Ternary empowers FinOps teams throughout their FinOps journey—from teams just getting started to mature organizations with established practices. 

With Ternary as their multi-cloud FinOps platform, partners can accelerate business growth and continuously deliver value to customers throughout their cloud and FinOps journey. 

Customer-attuned innovation

November 2023

Compare different features using the same time period or quickly update all of the reports on a dashboard.

November 2023

Understand your CloudSQL usage and find opportunities for cost savings.

October 2023

Configure a group with access to views that map to user lists. If you are using SSO, you can configure group assignments using the data shared upon logging in to Ternary.

October 2023

Quickly compare metrics using our provided date options, or specify a custom date.

July 2023

Get detailed Snowflake data to comprehensively understand your usage and costs.

June 2023

Manage rate optimization within Ternary, leveraging AWS Savings Plans and Reserved Instances for services like EC2, Fargate, and Lambda.

June 2023

Leverage our upgraded Anomaly Alerting, with highly customizable machine learning algorithms to detect irregularities in your system more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

June 2023

Enhance collaboration, communication, and management efficiency: Cases, comments, and status updates created in Ternary or Jira are automatically reflected in both platforms.

June 2023

Get comprehensive, resource-level cost and usage information, specifically for AWS EC2 and Kubernetes services. Alongside these in-depth usage details, the EC2 and Kubernetes Insights Pages provide personalized optimization recommendations.

June 2023

Manage and reduce costs while maximizing efficiency of AWS RDS instances, with detailed cost and usage information and targeted optimization recommendations.

June 2023

Leverage data-driven insights for effectively managing and enhancing the efficiency of your AWS S3 and EBS resources.

June 2023

Delve deeper into your GCP compute resources with resource-level visibility into usage and costs at a granular level.

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