In January, we launched a monthly blog series to highlight Ternary’s latest FinOps enhancements. In this article, we’ll introduce new partner capabilities, along with updates to dashboards and anomaly detection.

Purpose-built for FinOps, Ternary empowers organizations to establish cloud cost transparency, improve cost and usage efficiency, and foster communication between teams. Today, Ternary manages more than $7B in multi-cloud spend across leading enterprises and managed service providers. Read on to discover how our new enhancements help partners and customers progress on their FinOps journey.

New MSP Admin console

We’re excited to introduce a new MSP Admin console. Ternary has supported Managed Service Providers (MSPs) since our inception. We continue to enhance our existing capabilities and add new ones based on partner feedback.

With the MSP Admin console (accessible via the navigation pane), partners can: 

  • Invite new users to their MSP tenant with global admin permissions
  • Add, edit, and deactivate customer tenants
  • Easily access all of their customer tenants
  • Add, revoke, or edit users in customer tenants

In addition to our new MSP functionality, we have also announced the Ternary MSP Partner Program: a new initiative that enables MSPs to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that FinOps presents.

MSP Admin console

Dashboard updates

At Ternary, we continually improve dashboards to help you access the information that’s most important to your business. Let’s explore this month’s enhancements.

Budget widgets

Budgeting and forecasting are central concerns for FinOps practitioners. In the State of FinOps 2024, approximately 57% of respondents reported that their business is increasingly focused on budget granularity and adherence, as well as forecast accuracy. As a result, Ternary has added our existing budget management capabilities to custom dashboards.

You can now include two types of budget widgets in custom dashboards: daily trends and current month. The Daily Trends widget provides visibility into how your workloads are trending compared with your previous month’s spend on the same days. The Current Month widget provides visibility into your current month’s spending and your forecasted spend for the remainder of the month.

Report tooltip

As part of our ongoing efforts to help you easily understand your cloud consumption, we have added the ability to input report descriptions within dashboards. Now, you can hover over the report name within a widget to see the description. If you don’t add a description, then the tooltip will simply display the full name of the report when hovering over.

Anomaly detection updates

Managing anomalies remains a top priority for customers. Therefore, we continue to enhance our anomaly detection functionality to provide actionable insights into your cloud data. For example, in January, we introduced prescriptive threshold alerting, allowing you to configure rules that bypass the AI/ML algorithms. Then, in February, we enhanced the rule configuration. As a result, you can designate both minimum-dollar and percentage thresholds to trigger an alert, rather than either/or. Continuing the effort this month, we’ve enabled users to see the relevant grouping categories (e.g., usage account, resource ID, tag, etc.) driving the alert. You no longer need to click an alert to see its details.

The summary table now displays “Groupings” as a column containing values relevant to each alert. As with the other columns in the summary table, these values are sortable. That means you can quickly and easily view the most impactful data for your organization.

The Ternary team is dedicated to helping our customers and partners throughout their FinOps journey. Stay tuned for next month’s product enhancements. In the meantime, you can learn more about Ternary or request a demo.