Ternary vs. VMware Tanzu CloudHealth

Building the future of FinOps now

VMware Tanzu CloudHealth


Multi-tenant SaaS platform

Self-hosted platform

Simple implementation

Intuitive user interface


Multi-cloud support

Agentless Kubernetes monitoring

SSO user/group role assignment

Google Cloud rate optimization

Tunable anomaly detection

Case management with bidirectional JIRA integration

Unit economics

Ramp plans


Subscription model

Fixed rate based on annual
cloud spend

Fixed rate based on annual cloud spend,
with annual uplift

Subscription term

1–5 years

1–5 years

Overage charges


Yes, at a multiple of base rate,
charged monthly

Professional services fees



Thinking about change?

How do you switch to a new cloud cost platform?


Configure your cloud service providers in Ternary


Set up group memberships to align with your SSO configuration


Create scoped views


Fill data-reporting gaps


Load default dashboards

What our customers say

Decisions uses Ternary for a single source of truth across AWS, GCP, and Azure

Before using Ternary, it would take me hours to analyze our cloud costs. Now, I have a single source of truth for all my cloud spending across Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. With Alert Tracking, I can instantly identify and investigate cost changes, saving me valuable time and ensuring we meet our growth and margin objectives.

BetterCloud drives gross-margin reduction with Ternary

Our cloud infrastructure costs were 17% of non-GAAP revenue. We reduced that down to 8% of non-GAAP revenue with Ternary.