The FinOps tooling landscape continues to evolve as new vendors enter the market and legacy solutions undergo acquisitions. Many organizations aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to determining the best solution to fit their needs, so they rely on insights from trusted research analyst firms.

GigaOm, a research analyst firm, recently published its 2024 edition of the GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud FinOps. The report assessed 16 of the top FinOps solutions in the market, including (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Anodot
  2. Apptio 
  3. Broadcom (VMware)
  4. CloudBolt
  5. CloudZero
  6. DoiT
  7. Exivity
  8. Flexera
  9. Harness
  10. Kubecost
  11. Morpheus
  12. Neos
  13. NetApp
  14. OpenText
  15. Ternary
  16. Yotascale

The report organizes findings by key features, emerging features, and business criteria. It highlights each vendor’s strengths and differentiators, while also noting weaknesses.

How Ternary compares

The GigaOm Radar characterizes each vendor relative to two axes: Feature Play versus Platform Play (x-axis) and Maturity versus Innovation (y-axis). This year, GigaOm recognized Ternary as a Leader on both the Innovation and Platform axes. Additionally, GigaOm projects each solution’s evolution over the coming 12 to 18 months, using the Forward Mover, Fast Mover, and Outperformer arrowheads. GigaOm recognized Ternary as an Outperformer, one of just four solutions to receive that designation. 

Ternary had the best overall ranking in the Business Criteria category. This category evaluated each vendor’s flexibility, scalability, ease of use, real-time decision making, security and compliance, and cost. Dana Hernandez, a GigaOm research analyst, noted in the report:

[Ternary] has good support for real-time decision-making and identification of cost optimization opportunities, and this does not come at the cost of scalability, as Ternary has an exceptional ability to scale to meet the largest corporate needs.

At Ternary, we are proud of this recognition. Yet, true to our placement as an Outperformer, we will never rest on past successes. Instead, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation on behalf of our customers. To learn more about Ternary’s placement in the GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud FinOps, download your complimentary copy today.