Ternary for Finance Teams.

Ternary is built for the finance professional who has been flying blind regarding cloud spending. Ternary provides a consolidated multi-cloud spend-ledger that is constantly up to date for better financial planning and analysis, accounting, and spend management. Finance teams are able to collaborate with engineering teams to align spending with business objectives and continuously improve cost efficiencies. With integrations into 3rd party tools and systems, finance teams use Ternary to calculate the cost-to-serve and use the unit costs to make smarter financial decisions on future cloud investments.

Ternary ensures you always have a pulse on your cloud spending by providing a suite of financial planning tools that encourage collaboration and result in natural alignment with your engineering partners.

You can focus on improving efficiency and top-line growth, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Relate your cloud bill to your fiscal operating plans and financial forecasts.

Cloud budgeting is more than just viewing month-over-month usage trends - it’s understanding the impact on your PnL. Ternary’s financial planning feature seamlessly compares your cloud bill to your operating plan and latest forecast.

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Get visibility into the operational reasons driving your cloud usage.

Tying back usage trends to operational activity within your business is one of the most difficult aspects of managing the cloud budget. You want to know if usage is justified. Assignment of anomaly alerts and budget ownership within Ternary allows you to quickly get to the root of what’s driving usage and understand whether it poses an ongoing budget risk to your operational plan.

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Budget with greater confidence through a shared ecosystem.

We understand that cloud budgeting is a complex process that requires tracking potentially thousands of cloud assets and conversations with multiple stakeholders spread across geographies and timezones.

Ternary creates a shared ecosystem that connects engineers, budget owners, and finance professionals. Coupled with a robust presentation of current and future usage trends, you can be confident that your budgets incorporate the best information available at hand and that all stakeholders understand their budgetary responsibilities.

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Evaluate long term risks and rewards associated with commitments.

Commitment based discounts offered by cloud providers are both an opportunity and a risk. We understand that commitments are a potential liability to your company’s balance sheet.

Ternary’s commitment optimizer quickly lets you assess the level of risk and reward associated with taking on a commit while incorporating longer term changes to your architecture.

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Tame Your AWS, Azure, and GCP Multi-Cloud Spend

Ternary helps create a culture of accountability, collaboration and trust between finance and engineering so your company can focus on growth and innovation. Let’s talk about how we can put Ternary to work for you.

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