February 9, 2023

Ternary announced several new features and capabilities today, including enhanced multi-cloud support for AWS and Azure. We are excited to share that Ternary now provides AWS optimization and Azure visibility to multi-cloud customers. It is always exciting to publicly announce new products, and all of us at Ternary are looking forward to seeing the uptake of what we’ve built in the wild.

The sum of what we’ve built as a product is based on what our customers have told us they need to be effective at their jobs. This past year we’ve realized that while our product features address the specific needs of cloud engineers or finance teams, customers are succeeding at the intersection of finance and engineering. It reminds me of what I experienced, working with DevOps teams in previous roles.

As with DevOps, we see a similar pattern today with FinOps for cloud cost management.

Ternary has been working with financial services and technology enterprises to better manage hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in multi-cloud spending. These customers have made Ternary better, pushing for features that bridge finance and cloud engineering as well as scalability and performance improvements. We believe the best practices, cultural advances, features, and capabilities we build and deliver for these enterprises will soon define the future of every enterprise.

Ternary is being used across finance and engineering as a multi-cloud spend subledger, providing every team with a single source of truth and the features each team needs to do their job. What each team does with Ternary differs by company. It could mean understanding unit costs by calculating the cost to serve for finance teams, comparing prices between AWS and GCP for procurement, or cloud engineers acting on AI-powered optimization recommendations for Amazon RDS Instances. Whatever your specific job is, if you’re reading this blog, you should know it is a great time to be a FinOps professional!

If you want to learn more about Ternary and how our customers are using our platform’s multi-cloud support to tame their cloud spending, you can request a demo.