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Multi-cloud and enterprise-ready with the features every stakeholder needs.

Ternary is a FinOps Certified Platform by the FinOps Foundation.

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FinOps Certified Platform

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Ternary Connects Strategy to Execution Seamlessly.

Our platform features purpose-built for engineering, finance, and FinOps teams.

  • Spend forecasting and modeling.
  • Spend planning and budgeting.
  • Cloud vendor analysis and commitment management.
  • Cost management and performance reporting.
  • AI-powered human tunable cost optimizations.
  • Expense allocations with chargebacks and showbacks.
  • Unit costing for cloud cost-to-serve.
  • Sustainability / carbon footprint management.

Enterprise-Ready API Integrations.

Do you need to understand the unit costs for your cloud spend?

  • Calculate your cost to serve using data from observability tools like Datadog, AWS Cloudwatch, and GCP Stackdriver.
  • Understand, manage, and optimize your unit economics by combining your cost-to-serve with data from financial, accounting, and HR systems.
  • Integrate Ternary workflows and alerts with project, service management, and alerting tools like Slack, Jira, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and others.
  • Integrate timeseries data relevant to your business with ease. Examples of tools integrated with Ternary by customers include enterprise spend management systems, vendor management systems, and CRM systems.
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Do your teams communicate well across engineering, finance, and business leadership?

Ternary integrates into the tools your teams use every day to communicate and collaborate. It is simple to send alerts as well as bi-directionally track and resolve issues related to cloud costs.


Always API-First.

Ternary is built to be built on.

All platform data and features are available using Ternary's extensible APIs.


Ternary APIs Unlock an Ecosystem of Opportunities for Your Company

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Your Public Cloud, Our Platform.

Ternary Self-Hosted is an isolated instance of the platform you can deploy and run in your public cloud environment. Current Ternary Self-Hosted customers value strict control over data accessibility, security, and compliance.

Ternary Self-Hosted enables industries such as financial services, technology, military, and government to finally have an enterprise-ready cloud spend management platform.

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