The Ternary team is excited to welcome Yalei Wang to its executive team as Vice President of Product Delivery.

Bringing over two decades’ software engineering and technical leadership experience to his new role, Yalei will oversee the seamless integration of engineering and product management. On his watch, Ternary will accelerate its delivery of FinOps solutions for enterprise customers and partners.

Deeply experienced in tech, focused on customers

Yalei honed his skills across diverse roles in the technology industry. Having led engineering teams at Twitter and eBay, he recently served as Director of Engineering at Rippling. There, he built and led a team of more than 60, delivering user-friendly payroll, HR, and benefits solutions to businesses. 

Before joining Rippling, Yalei founded Cloudwiz and ran the company for five years, sharpening his business strategy. The experience led Yalei to discover his passion for successful companies’ human dimension: understanding customers, competitors, and teammates. At Cloudwiz, he learned to “amplify the capability of the technology by building a strong team.” Now, by fostering growth and dialogue among Ternary’s product engineers, Yalei will ensure that Ternary helps customers maximize the value of their cloud investments. 

Sasha Kipervarg, Ternary’s co-founder and CEO, cheered Yalei’s arrival. “Yalei’s proven technical leadership is exactly what Ternary needs to ensure we are delivering the right product, with the right features, at the right time, to the right customers,” Sasha said. In particular, Yalei will lead a product cycle where every release adds value and supports customers in achieving their FinOps objectives.

Setting high expectations for innovation

Reflecting on his new role, Yalei expressed excitement about leading the product delivery team and collaborating with customers. “I’m eager to deliver on the compelling product vision established by our founders,” he said, adding that Ternary will continue to set a high bar for FinOps innovation and customer-centric product development.

Following our successful Series A funding, in October 2023, Ternary has launched innovative product capabilities and expanded the company’s leadership team, all driven by our customer-focused mission. Along with Sasha, Yalei will collaborate closely with Ternary’s two other co-founders: our Chief Product Officer, Patrick Raymond; and our Chief Technology Officer, Joshua Kwan.

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