We are delighted that Roman Orosco has joined Ternary as Vice President of Sales. With over 20 years’ enterprise software sales experience, Roman builds revenue teams that deliver value to technology and finance customers.

Partnering with customers for success

Ternary co-founder and CEO Sasha Kipervarg praised Roman’s strengths, which transcend traditional sales. “Roman excels in leading teams that work hard every day to help customers and partners accomplish their business objectives,” Sasha said. “As a key member of our team, he will further our mission of helping customers achieve a more productive and profitable future through Ternary’s solutions.”

Roman will propel Ternary’s growth, following our Series A funding and Carl Landers’s joining as Vice President of Marketing. “Roman’s approach aligns perfectly with Ternary’s philosophy of being more than just a FinOps software provider,” Sasha said. “Instead, we are partners in our customers’ success, committed to understanding and building for their unique challenges. Roman’s leadership will reinforce this ethos, ensuring that every interaction adds tangible value to our customers’ operations and supports them in reaching their cloud business goals.”

Innovating for enterprises and MSPs

Before Ternary, Roman served in key positions at BigPanda, Unravel Data, and BlueCat. There, he built strong relationships with enterprise decision-makers and a thriving ecosystem of partners and managed service providers (MSPs). He consistently drives growth and customer value by understanding diverse market demands and tailoring sales and business development approaches accordingly.

Roman said: “I’m beyond excited to join Ternary at this pivotal stage. The company’s commitment to serving enterprises through FinOps innovation and our partner network is a tremendous opportunity. I look forward to aligning our go-to-market efforts with our customers’ objectives and our partners’ business models in order to accelerate Ternary’s remarkable growth journey.”

Interested to learn more about how Roman’s team and Ternary’s innovative FinOps platform can support your company’s FinOps journey? Reach out at [email protected].

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