Born from necessity and built for scale.

The Ternary team is a group of Agile advocates and DevOps experts with combined decades of experience operating cloud environments and building products for the largest consumer and enterprise companies in the world.

We have operated some of the biggest Hadoop clusters on record and have seen the pain of overshooting cloud budgets. Our software is built on the insights derived from our experience managing and solving the challenge of operating in the cloud at scale.

Our passion is building intuitive software that naturally encourages the right behaviors through the shared understanding and democratization of data.

ternary about us
Meet the team We’re commited to changing how people think about cloud at scale.

Sasha Kipervarg

Co-Founder at Ternary

Joshua Kwan

Co-Founder at Ternary

Patrick Raymond

Co-Founder at Ternary

Mohammad Fatany

Cloud Economist

Bruce Szudera Wienand

Backend Engineer

Chuck Hagy

Fullstack Engineer

Alan Cham

Fullstack Engineer

Steven Cummings

Fullstack Engineer

Our Investors and angels include:


Operator Partners

Oceans Ventures

Great Oaks VC

Correlation Ventures

Auren Hoffman

Jeremy Lizt

Travis May

David Yaffe

Rajpal Sandhu

Luciano Cheng

Eric Grossberg

Lukas Karlsson

Charley Ma

Karl Geisel

Sherif Nada

Become part of the journey and change cloud optimization forever.

We are committed to change. We’re working with people of every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, physical ability or attribute, religion, or national origin.

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